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Together building an international surgical community

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About Resident Global Surgery Collaborative

The Resident Global Surgery Collaborative (RGSC) was first developed in 2015 by a plastic surgery resident in Ottawa, Canada trying to balance the demands of a busy residency with meaningful engagement in global surgical care. The RGSC has since grown exponentially with trainees across the globe realizing that consistent and meaningful engagement in global surgical care need not require the resources and time commitment of international missions.


The RGSC offers a low-fidelity educational tool providing a much needed platform for international collaboration and bidirectional learning between developed and developing countries.


Online meetings for surgical registrars are held every 3 months and typically accompanied by 1 or 2 consultant surgeons. Meetings are typically 45 minutes long and organized such that attendees represent a range of diverse surgical settings.  During the meeting, 2 to 3 cases are presented by the participants and discussed within the group. Attendees have the opportunity to exchange surgical approaches, literature and clinical experiences.


Upcoming Calender Events


    Case presentation    

    What would be your therapeutic approach in the case?

    Which investigations would you perform?

    Surgical & non-surgical therapies

    What does the literature add to this?

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